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An Open Message Following the Killings in Utoya, Norway


We all watched in horror and dismay as the shocking images came out of Utoya, Norway - innocents literally slaughtered at the hands of a rampaging right-wing fundamentalist.



This can only be described as a national tragedy of international consequence.

Christ’s message is one of

love, understanding and tolerance of all peoples of the World. How Anders Behring Breivik so misunderstood and corrupted Christ’s message is beyond reason or belief. OSMTH (Swiss Registry, CH-660.1972999-4) is an Ecumenical Christian Confraternal Order and accredited Non-Governmental Organization. As a non-political organization, our works are often carried out in partnership with and for the benefit of all peoples regardless of faith, creed or ethnic background. Although a Christian Order, OSMTH is not a church, fundamentalist group or missionary organization - we do not give spiritual guidance nor judge those who follow another path of faith. We are not modern day "Crusaders". We express our Christian faith through our good works. 

OSMTH wishes to extend its sincere condolences to the people of Norway, and most especially the families and friends of those poor lost souls. This is a time of great, great sadness … we grieve with you. Our prayers go with those who were taken away, and those who bear their loss.

 From various Media Reports it would appear that Anders Breivik belonged to an ultra right-wing fundamentalist group intent on ridding Europe of its immigrant population. The group "The European Military Order and Criminal Tribunal (the PCCTS - Knights Templar)" bears no relation philosophically or by affiliation to OSMTH – the Knight Templar International

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