Grand Conseil International , Sofia, Bulgarie, Avril 2009

 My Dear Templar Brothers and Sisters, I regret that I am unable to be with you in Sofia for our highly important OSMTH meetings there.  

 As you are all aware, my wife, Dame Arlene, has been in declining health for the past ten years, and she is now in such circumstance that I need to here to care for her, which precludes my being able to travel to Bulgaria. I truly wish I could be there with you, but I am sure, as Knights and Dames in our Christian, chivalric, fraternal Order, that you fully understand why I cannot.


I remain in daily communications with General Rea as he continues his outstanding work as our OSMTH Grand Commander. I am regularly amazed at all the many Templar projects and programs that our Grand Commander has within his area of responsibility, yet he manages each with diplomacy, tact, patience, and truly great leadership. OSMTH is indeed fortunate to have such a fine talent at the helm of our Order as our elected Chief Executive Officer. I continue to be highly pleased and impressed with the tremendous progress that has been made in our growing, strong relationship with the United Nations under their recognition of OSMTH in Special Consultative Status. In my opinion, we need to continue to do all we can to further formalize our friendship and professional relationship with the United Nations, for it is the world class recognition of that body that gives OSMTH it's highly-respected stature with the world's national governments, the world's Churches and major religions, and the major non-governmental organizations that are now reachingout to OSMTH on an ever-increasing professional basis. It has been our outstanding relationship and credential and recognition by the United Nations that has set us apart from the other lesser Templar organizations and it is a distinction that we need to protect and grow so that OSMTH is NEVER CONFUSED to be one of these other groups.I wish you well in your deliberations in Sofia, and regret I cannot be there with you. I ask GOD, Our Savior, to be with you and to guide you in all that you do, that whatever we do, it is ALWAYS"the right thing, done for all the right reasons, with all the right results".May GOD Bless each of you and your service to HIM and to our fellow citizens of the world.






 Non Nobis DOMINE, Non Nobis, Sed NOMINE Tuo Da Gloriam,

















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